Towards a Non-Economic, Economic Geography?

Andrew Leyshon (2011) ‘Towards a Non-Economic, Economic Geography? From Black Boxes to the Cultural Circuit of Capital in Economic Geographies of Firms and Managers’, in A Leyshon, R Lee, L McDowell and P Sunley (eds) The Sage Handbook of Economic Geography, London: Sage, pp 383-397.

These are the edited proofs of a chapter in a large edited volume I’ve been working on with Roger Lee, Peter Sunley and Linda McDowell. The book will be launched with a panel discussion at the Association of American Geographers Conference with is taking place in Seattle in April 2011.  The chapter can be downloaded here.

Financial Exclusion

Andrew Leyshon, ‘Financial Exclusion’, Forthcoming in Rob Kitchen and Nigel Thrift (Eds) International Encyclopaedia of Human Geography, Elsevier, Oxford.


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