Current and former PhD students


I am always keen to supervise PhD students and would welcome applications in any area of economic geography and/or geographies of music. The School of Nottingham currently has four PhD scholarships available each year, and more details on the application process can be found here:

Please contact me if you would like more information on the application process:

Note that to be eligible for ESRC funding you must have been resident in the UK for three years prior to taking up the award and will require the completion of an ESRC recognised masters course (1+3). For more information on the range of masters courses available at Nottingham, go to:

Current PhD students

James Corah, ‘The Economic Geographies of Religious Institutions’. Economic and Social Research Council.

Amanda Huskinson, ‘Blues, Identity and Place’. Economic and Social Research Council.

Kevin Milburn, ‘Re-imagining the city: shifting time, space and place in modern electronic ballads’, Economic and Social Research Council

Former PhD students

Chiung-wen Chang, ‘Taiwanese high technology production in the Yangtze River Delta, People’s Republic of China’. Self-funded.  Examined and passed October 2009.

Thomas Wainwright, ‘The Geographies of Securitisation and Credit Scoring.’. Economic and Social Research Council.  Examined and passed September 2009.

Karen Lai, ‘Approaches to ‘Markets’: The development of Shanghai as an International Financial Centre’, 2004-2007. University of Nottingham/ORS Scholarship. Examined and passed January 2008. First destination: Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia.

Keith Jones, ‘Networks of Ambience: networks of sound, technology and society’, 2001-2004. Economic and Social Research Council Scholarship. Examined and passed March 2005. First destination: ESRC postdoctoral fellowship, University of Nottingham, 2005-2006.

Julian Clarke, ‘The development of call centres within the context of the retail finance sector’, 2000-2003. University of Nottingham Scholarship. Examined and passed, March 2004. First destination: Research Associate, University of Leicester.

Martin Roche, ‘Constructing spatial accounts of social capital: case studies of the Catholic Church in the UK and Ireland’, 1995-1998. Economic and Social Research Council Scholarship. Examined and passed December 1999. First destination: Research Associate, University of Wolverhampton.

Shaun French, ‘Bristol and the reconfiguration of financial space in the UK: fields-of-learning in the Life Assurance industry’, 1994-1997. Economic and Social Research Council Scholarship. Examined and passed, November1998. First destination: Research Associate, University of Bristol; Subsequently Lecturer, School of Geography, University of Nottingham.

Duncan Fuller, ‘Financial exclusion in Hull’, 1994-1997. University of Hull Scholarship. Part-time. Examined and passed, April 2000.

Jonathan Pratt, ‘Re-placing money: the evolution of banking systems in Britain and Germany’, School of Geography and Earth Resources, University of Hull, 1991-1994. Part-time. University of Hull Scholarship. Examined and passed, February 1996. First destination: Teaching Assistant, University of Southampton; Subsequently, Research Manager, Stepahead Research Ltd., Kent.